Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I am thankful for.

I've been dreading this day because I figured it was going to be like every other holiday that my boyfriend and I spend together.  All we ever do is run, run, run, drive, drive, drive and the day starts out great and ends with a huge stressful coma.  I was up till 3:00am baking pies , making 2 batches of cranberry raspberry sauce for both families and making sure I had everything organized so it wouldn't take me forever to get myself, the baby, and the food ready to leave.  I woke up butt early and washed and dried some laundry, enjoyed cinnamon buttered toasted and a cup of coffee with David for breakfast, he got our baby ready for me while I finished prettying myself up and one thing you have to know about us is we are ALWAYS late to EVERYTHING and we arrived to my parents early, I helped my mom make a lot of the dinner, green bean casserole, 5 cup salad, and of course I brought 3 pumpkin pies and the cran/raspberry sauce.  Dinner ran late but it turned out to be really enjoyable because I got to spend a lot of time with my mom in the kitchen.  I enjoyed directing the helpers on tasks to lessen the stress on my mom and acting as my moms assistant.  It was a little nerve racking a couple of times but we kicked some ass and dinner was amazing!  My mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had!!!

I am thankful for my mom for going through all the stress to put on the greatest dinner ever for her family!

Since dinner ran late there David and I had to eat and run so we could make it to his Dad's place.
Arrived on time there.
We didn't go for their dinner, just stopped by to say hi and all that jazzy stuff.

I'm thankful for my beautiful, sweet, and cuddly baby boy!

We had to be at David's sisters house at 4:30pm for dinner over there.  That was his side of the families dinner.  I brought the pecan pie, pumpkin pie and cran/raspberry sauce.  I didn't eat much dinner because I was still full from my families gathering but the food was good, everyone liked what I brought and of course everyone loved Baby!  What else is new? Very enjoyable.

I am thankful for a drama free holiday.

Afterwards we talked to two of our friends that had to work tonight which I think is horrible!  But I told David that we should go pop by and surprise them at work since it was Thanksgiving, so we did.  They were surprised to see us and I made plans with my girl-friend to take her out Tuesday for her birthday.  I'm so excited for that, I can not wait!  I'm going to pick her up Tuesday morning and take her to Hobby Lobby.  We've been trying to plan and go together for MONTHS but she's always so busy with work.  It's going to be great!

I am thankful for this day and what it means and all of my friends and family that made today worth leaving the house for!  :)

Last but not least.
I'm contemplating going out to experience this Black Friday mess.  I've never done it before and I don't want to buy anything, I just want to sit and drink a coffee and people watch.  Basically just make fun of all the crazies out and about trying to score a good deal and act a fool in the process but I have a feeling I would regret it because my Love has to work a double at work tomorrow and I'll need to get my rest so I can get up early to tidy up our place and of course to take care of baby.  If I'm tired I get stressed out easily.  Not a big deal, it just makes for a long day.

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