Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crafty - Felt Buddy

So I was invited to a 5 year old girls birthday party and I've known about the party for a few weeks and I kept thinking that I wasn't going to go because I'm broke and would have felt bad going without a gift.
Well, today I was pondering about it and I had a completely wonderful random  thought come to mind.
As I was making it I couldn't believe how easy and fun it was.  It was my first time making one and I think it turned out amazingly!!!  Everyone at the party and the ones I've shown these pictures couldn't agree more!

SUPER CHEAP TOO!  I already had everything I needed for a change which was even better!  No spending more money that I need to be saving and no trips to the store.  It was to good to be true for a moment.  haha

My son is doing wonderfully!  He keeps biting Dada with his two tiny teeth.  Baby and I both think it's hilarious every time too.  I think he's thinking the same thing as I am at times such as "I'm surprised Dada hasn't learned better yet."  hahaha  Silly Dada yes but it sure does make for a good laugh.  Tomorrow is my son turns 7 months.  I'm going to wait and save all the cute little details about him and how he's grown so much and the new things that he's learning until then.  So check back in tomorrow all you fellow Mama's out there!

I would love to read your comments!!


  1. Name it Jelly Bean! Hahaha, I really have no idea.... pinky maybe?

    Felt Buddies is a WONDERFUL IDEA! I'll help you make some. It looks like so much fun.

  2. Oh it really is! I loved making it and I've been trying to find the time to make more today. I think after dinner I'll be able too! :) I think the next one I make I'm going to have a contest. It'll be a name that Felt Buddy type thing. Who ever picks out a name that I like the best will win it but at least 8 people have to comment. So be sure to tell your blog friends!!!