Monday, November 14, 2011

I made a homemade level today! :)

I have been without the internet for a whole 2 weeks until today!  My boyfriend and I were using my neighbors connection but she moved out (you guessed it) two weeks ago and we FINALLY counted our (coin) Change Box that was suppose to be for a vacation next year so we could get the internet.  One great thing is we counted a WHOLE years worth of internet bills so were going to pay it all off when we get the bill in the mail.  Which is such a lovely idea to me because that's one LESS bill we'll have to worry about paying on time regardless if we have the money or not and it was with money that was piled up in a box that sat in the corner of the bedroom.  Basically what I'm trying to say is...  It feels like we're getting it for free.  Well, not really because we used our vacation money but whatever I'm nuts.

OH!  I have a Handy Dandy Tip that I discovered myself today while David and I were trying to hang shelves and pictures on the living room wall.
If you need a Level to hang picture frames and what not with and you don't have the money to go out and buy a level then you could take a babies bottle and fill it with water and put on the nipple and cap (so you don't happen to make a mess.) and use the lines of the bottle to level with.  Super Easy, Super Duper Fool Proof and Super Duper Duper CHEAP!  We all LOVE cheap now don't we?  Umm... haha Yessss!  :)

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