Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2nd Baby Quilt

Funny story that happened to me tonight that I thought I'd share with you all.
I'm sure you'll get a good laugh out of it.

So David and I had just finished eating dinner and after I was done cleaning up the dishes I had to pee REALLY bad so I went to the bath and as I was finishing up I just so happened to look down at the floor at the corner of the tub and I saw a brown striped spider about the size of a keylime.  Of course I screamed for David to come and save me and ran out of the bathroom with my pants around my ankles and ended up tripping on them and ran completely out of them into the living room and the front door was wide open.  Luckily not many lights were on and we don't have a lot of neighbor traffic around our duplex so I'm pretty positive no one from the outside saw me.

I hope you got a good laugh out, I believe everyone needs a good laugh at least once a day if not more.
Alrighty then, now about the quilt I've recently built.

A few days ago I finished my 2nd baby quilt ever.
I personally don't like the colors, or print of the fabric but I found it super cheap and thought to myself that other people are really into that style so I couldn't help myself and bought it.
Of course I think it looks like crap because I'm WAY to hard on myself and expect everything I do to be perfect in every and all ways possible but in all reality it probably turned out really well.  I've shown a few people these past few days and everyone that's seen it thinks/says the work I did looks fantastic.  That helps me feel a little better about it for sure.
I would LOVE to know what you think about it!  Even if there's something about it that you don't like or even hate I still welcome your comments, every opinion counts because I've explained before that I want to start making baby quilts to sale and I need to know what the general public thinks before I start, that way I can relate what I make to what the consumers want. 
I can't wait to hear from you!  Thanks in advanced!!! (^_^) xoxo

The pattern is called a Fence Rail, the front is a bold hot pink, electric blue, white and black.  The back of the quilt is a solid black and it measures about 30" x 34 1/2"

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  1. It's a really good job. I would have loved to have witnessed you going nuts over a spider... but I am sure I would have done the same.