Monday, November 21, 2011

My son is now 7 months old.

It sure seems like yesterday I was still pregnant with my little Cuddle Bug.  I honestly can not believe that he's 7 months old now.  Gosh...  It's crazy!  If you're a parent I'm sure you know the feeling quite well.
As I've posted recently, he now has 2 little teeth that came in this past week and I can feel more about to pop out but they still aren't visible.  Daddy's been teaching him how to say "I love Mama."  The other day he mumbled it, mumble or not it still melted my heart!  I couldn't believe he actually said it and it was completely random too which made it even more special.  Well today he melted my heart into a puddle of ice cream extra sweet and sticky hahahaa  I was holding him up as he stood in my lap and he grabbed my face with both of his hands and gave me a HUGE sloppy wet baby drool of a kiss (the best kind in my opinion lol) and as he was whipping his lips and slobber all over my face he said it again!  "I LOVE MAMA!"  It was a lot more pronounced this time too!  Oh my Goodness!  It was truly an amazing moment!  And how perfect was the timing?  I mean seriously he said it so well and gave me a kiss at the same time and he turned 7 months today.  It was a gift of my own.  I feel truly blessed to have him.
I know I'm a sappy mom.  I can't help myself though.  :)
So a few other things about Booger Butt.  (lovely nick name isn't it? lol)
He's still not crawling yet, when he's on his stomach he'll roll around both ways and he scoots backwards and tries to scoot forward.  Sometimes he'll make it forwards but not a lot.  Now we'll stand him up on the floor and let him hold our hands to support himself as he stands and he'll take steps forwards on his own.  It was either last night or the night before, it's sad how I can't remember a short time ago but anyways...  I'll say a few nights ago Daddy was in the shower and we were going to bathe baby with Dada so we didn't have to run bath water and I took his diaper off and had him walking to the bathroom all by himself.  Well, using my hands for support of course but yeah he did it.  It was so cute!  My little 2 foot something baby naked and taking tiny little baby steps and smiling while he was looking at Dada as he said "Come on nugget, you're doing so good.  That's it you got it."  My child has so many nick names I can't even count. haha
So anyways, all in all baby is doing great and Mama and Dada are as well.
I'm super stoked for Christmas still.  :)  YepppppIIIieeeeee!!!  <----(annoying I know :)


  1. Sounds like a lovely idea.. and hooray for the sloppy drool laced kiss before you got the "I Love Momma!" Thats so adorable.

  2. I wish I could "like" your comment. :)