Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Son Got His First Tooth In Today!

Unless you're a parent you might not see my excitement about this.

My boyfriend and I were waiting to get our first family portraits taken today with our beautiful 6 month old son and as we were waiting for our session David was playing with our son to keep him happy and amused so he would be all smile and giggles for the picture and as they were playing together our son bit Dada's finger and David felt something sharp in his mouth that hurt his finger.  We looked at each other with smiling eyes because we knew it had to have been a tooth.  Of course being the investigator Mama that I am now, I stuck my fingers all in his mouth and lone and behold there it was!  A tiny little shark of a tooth bump on his front bottom gum!!!  We discovered that it was a very bitter sweet moment like all the milestones that our sons hits.  We get so excited that he's growing and learning new things every day but we both hate it all at the same time because we realize how fast he's growing and the time is slipping between our fingers before we can grasp it.
As parents we both know that every moment is precious and we both fully cherish every blink, every whine, breathe, smile, etc, etc but still!  It's hard to come to the realization that this beautiful time in our lives is moving by so quickly and our baby won't be a sweet little baby forever.

So like I said...  Bitter Sweet.

Our portraits turned out so well!  I have such a beautiful family that I'm so very blessed to have.  With the ups and downs we work through everyday, I wouldn't trade them for anything of this world.
We took one pose of Dada, Mama and baby and then we got a pose of just our son for his 6 month photo.  I am so impressed with our 2 photos I can not wait to get them in hand!!!

Fantastic day all the way around.  :)

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