Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here's my mini.

Well, even though I've been sick and feeling like crap.
Even though I'm annoyed by the situation from yesterday, I still would like to share the little mini I made.
I think it's really cute and atleast I made something worth looking at. :)

Left side, inside cover - Right side, Page 1.

Left side, Page 2. - Right side Page 3.

Right side, Page 4. - Left side, Page 5.

Left side, Page 6. (Blessed) - Right side, Page 7.

Left side, Page 8. - Right side, Page 9.

Left side, Page 10. - Right side, Inside back cover.

Outside covers.

Hope ya'll enjoy.
P.S.  I'm sorry that a few of the pages have smudged out words.  (personal information)  I'm sure all of you understand. :)

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