Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Shower Tutorials Coming Soon!

My sister Danielle at Simple Sapphire is going to bring a sweet bundle of baby girl joy into this world in a few months.  This will be my first niece and I couldn't be more excited for her arrival!
1) A new baby in the family is always an amazing blessing.
3) It's A Girl!
I have nephews and a son so it's just about time for a little dresses, bows and butterflies!

I am going to be throwing my wonderful sister a baby shower in March so I'll be flaunting fabulous baby shower tutorials and ideas!

Today I went over to her place and we started planning and writing down lists.  I love planning and lists!
We came up with the perfect baby shower theme for the blissful season of Spring, a menu, guest list, gift bags, thank you cards, classic games and we even made up a few ourselves!  They probably have been done before but neither one of us has seen them on baby shower game idea lists or have played them at past showers.  We also thought of some adorable/fun/fantastic prizes for the game winners.

Are you excited yet?  Just wait, keep reading!

I will be throwing this shower on a budget, therefore I'll be sharing a thick spread of advice and tips on how to create a beautifully decorated shower that will be fun for the mommy to be and all guests attending for nickles and dimes!
Also, Danielle and I are both very creative and crafty gals, so I'll be sharing some incredible DIY projects!

What about now...  Are you excited?  You are aren't you!?!
If not then you need to go bungee jumping or sky diving to get that unamused heart racing. tehehe

I won't be leaking any of the inside scoop until March.  You'll just have to check back then.

If you have any side effects from your prolonged excitement, you can always check out my pins here and follow me on pinterest, keep reading past, present and future entries here at My Discovered Thoughts (be sure to follow my entries so you don't miss out) and don't forget to check out and follow my lovely sister Danielle at Simple Sapphire.

Stay tuned and have a blessed day!

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