Sunday, October 14, 2012

French Toast Sandwich

This is one of my families favorite breakfast foods.
It's sweet yet savory and best with seasonal fresh fruit from a farmer's market.
I love buying fruits and veggies from farmer's markets.
1) I'm supporting my local community.
2) They always seem to taste better.
and 3) I know they are fresher then the produce that you find in a super market.
We also like this a lot because it's a lighter and probably healthier breakfast sandwich than your Egg McMuffins.

To make this delicious sandwich is pretty self explanatory but I'll humor you anyways...

The ingredients you'll need are:

Pure Vanilla Extract,
All Spice,
(I have a secret ingredient that I'll never tell so your sandwiches won't be as scrumptious as mine...  Sorry.)
Cream Cheese,
Fresh Berries.

Heat a non-stick skillet on your stove top on a medium to medium-high heat.
Even though I use a non-stick pan I still like to put a tablespoon of REAL butter in it and have it melt down.  As your skillet it heating up start on your egg mixture.
In a medium bowl, crack open 1 egg.
(Use 1 egg per 2 pieces of bread.  1 sandwich = 1 egg, 2 sandwiches = 2 eggs.)
Take a whisk or fork and scramble your egg/s.
I like to use a fork because it does the same thing as a whisk and it's a heck of a lot easier to clean.  Let's be smart people, no need to give yourself extra work around the house when it's unnecessary.
I never measure the spices, I just give the cinnamon a few good heavy shakes, a few dashes of all spice, a pinch of nutmeg, you don't want to go over board with the nutmeg.  Trust me! 
Lastly,  about 2 tablespoons of vanilla.
Mix those all together until the spices look evening mixed. 
You may have to scrap the sides of your bowl because the spices will stick to them and you want all those yummy flavors.
After you have your soon to be delicious mix done, dip both sides of a piece of bread into it and put it in the pan.  Watch it and wait to flip it until you get a nice golden brown color. 
When you're finished with your french toast, spread the cream cheese on one side of 2 pieces of french toast and add fresh berries to one piece and put your warm slices of french toast together and there you have it!

A yummy breakfast sandwich that doesn't consist of a bunch of greasy bacon or sausage.  Don't get me wrong...  I love both bacon and sausage but we both know how fatty and unhealthy it is.  Why does your butt, gut and thighs hate everything your tongue loves? 
Yes it has cream cheese on it but it's a dairy product and I never feel guilty for eating real dairy unless it's ice cream, but that's not "real" dairy.  If you're worried about calories then use a smaller amount than you normally would.  Portion control is key.  Oh, and you can use any type of berry you prefer.  I tend to use more blue berries because my mother in-law has blueberry bushes and she likes to pick them and bring gallon bags over to us.  I'm a lucky gal!

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