Monday, September 10, 2012

My new addition to my living room!

So I have to start off by saying I have the greatest neighbor of all time.
She decided months ago that she would give me this beautiful piece of furniture but she couldn't find the key for the two cabinet doors for the longest time.  Well...  She found it and here it is in my living room!  I really cannot wait to go to the store tomorrow and get some Murphy's Oil Soap and Liquid Gold so I can clean it up.  There are a few places where the nails need fixing but I think David wants to help me fix it up so I suppose I'll leave that to him.

I can't remember exactly but I think my neighbor told me this is made out of Walnut. 
I'll have to ask her about it again.

Either way...  I love it!

It's funny too, I drew up a sketch of a "dream cabinet" for my crafting supplies so my little one can't get into them and also I would like them organized for once.  Well, I put that sketch on my bulletin/wish board and I finally got it.  I was just going to build one but now I have this beaut and it didn't even cost me a penny!  Oh, free stuff!  Eek!

When I'm finished with the mild restoring I'll post before and after pictures, but for now here it is!
My beautiful dresser/cabinet that's going to save my desk for all the crafting clutter!

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